3U/6U VPX Precessor Board

Template Sample 6U VPX 8TB Rugged Storage Card

Template Sample 6U VPX 8TB Rugged Storage Card
  • Capacity: Up to 8TB of Solid State Drives
  •  RAID Function
     Support storage classification and ATA Secure Erase
     Built-in RAID processor, support hard RAID
     Built-in ECC, wear-leveling and bad block management
     Support external write protection
     Support RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50 JBOD functions
     Support Intelligent Destruction
     PCIe 2.0 x8 Bus
  • Weight: less than 1500g
  • Convection and conduction-cooled
  • Physical Dimension:9.19 in (L) x 6.30 in (W) x 1.0 in (H)
  • Power:+12V、+5V、+3.3V、3.3V_AUX
  • Sequence read/write:2.8GB/s
  • 4k Random read/write:90000 IOPS
  • Support IPMI management
  • Support various systems: Windows, Linux
V&G G5080 UAV 6U VPX consists of 8 NAND Flash modules and  RAID module, which can offer capacities up to 8TB capacities. Managed by its own main controller, each module can work as an independent hard disk. The built-in bad- block management module, level-wearing module and error correction module ensure its high-speed operating reliability and reduce loads of main processor.
The RAID processor can offer standard RAID functions and support hard RAID. With it, the 8 hard drives can reach the best performance (RAID0-striping, RAID1-mirroring) and also support RAID 5, 6, 10, 50 as well as JBOD functions.
V&G G5000 3U VPX drives are compliant with VITA46, VITA48 and VITA65, and can support PCIe2.0x8,so have been widely used in high-end military storage systems.

Block Diagram: