3U/6U VPX Precessor Board

3U-SR-104 High speed AD/DA Software Radio Module

3U-SR-104 High speed AD/DA Software Radio Module
  • Dual 10 bits 3 Gsps ADC
  • Single 12bits 3 Gsps D AC
  • External clock and relevant sources input
  • Synchronous Clock when in low vibration
  • External Stimulation input
  • User can program Xilinx Virtex 7 VX330T/690T FPGA
  • 500 MHz 2 m x 36 QDRII + SRAM
  • Compliant with3 U Open VPX
  • Air cooling and conduct cooling
  • Support windows and Linux

Production Introduction:

VG-3U-SR-104 is a 3U VPX board, designed for high-level data acquisition and signal processing applications. VG-3U-SR-104 is combined with most extensive internet/ Dynamic Range /processing capabilities, suitable for ECM-DRFM electronic war. VG-3U-SR-104 include 2-channel 10 bit 3Gsps ADC; 1 channel 3Gsps 12 bit DAC. VG-3U-SR-104 provides an external relevant clock input and internal low vibration clock.

Spec. Index
Application     Synchronous signal processing
    Electronic war DRFM
    Wideband Radar
    Laser Radar
Product spec.     Simulated Input / Output
    Support for AC coupling
    Full power bandwidth arrive 4GHz
    Full Scale: 2 dBm
    Interface: SSMC, 50 Ohm
    Simulated-digital convert
dual-tunnel     Resolution: 10 bits
    sampling frequencies up to 3GHz
    3 GSPS, Fin = 2.6GHz, - 1dBFS:
    SNR: 49 dBF S
    SFDR: 52dBc
    ENOB: 7.6bits
Single Tunnel     Resolution: 12 bits
    sampling frequencies up to 3GHz
    3 GSPS ,Fin= 2.6GHz, - 1dBFS