VPX Adapter Card

VPX to PCIe adapter board

VPX to PCIe adapter board
  • 3U VPX Compliant withVITA46
  • Support PCIe 2.0 x8 connector;
  • Support +5V/4A power
  • HightPerformance、Low Power Consumption、Anti-Vibration、Wide Operating Temperature

Production Introduction:

VG V5000 3U VPX adapter board follow VITA46 standard. It use advance VPX connector, to fulfil 3U VPX to standard PCIE x8 connection. The adapter board support standard PCIE x8 connector, which can directly connect to PCIE X plot of computer; it support VPX connector which can directly plug-in the protocol 3U VPX.

Product Number:VGC-V3U5-XX-XXX