V&G Information System Co. Inc. completely took-over RunCore International Co.

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Shanghai, CHINA (April 01, 2016) – V&G Information System Co. Inc. completely took-over RunCore International Co. Ltd.  Runcore’s transition will start by using all of the product guidelines, documentations and information of V&G. Existing customers that use RunCore naming scheme can still continue until the last announcement of usage or may already migrate to V&G.  RunCore products are 100% identical and similar to V&G, the brand name is for the intended purposes as mentioned below.

V&G (Vision and Goal), in Chinese is Wei Gu (威固 ) was established in 2013 solely by Mr. Jack Wu with the initial plan of creating a new brand name in order to focus on developing the next generation and future storage requirements in the market while RunCore is still supporting the standard requirements of SSD based on the products it offers. The product portfolio intends to serve the industrial and military market from small form factor up to rackmount system; or from small capacity to the largest capacity needed in the form of memory storage.  Mr. Jack Wu serves as the CEO/President of RunCore from its conception in 2007. With his solid background in military application and revolutionary vision in understanding the trend and need of memory storage,  he always wants to be the leader in developing and promoting  new breed of memory NAND Flash based .
“I have a responsibility in this technology-driven generation to innovate and develop, to be one of the leaders in this fast growing memory storage market”, explained Mr. Wu. “I still have lots to offer in this market, investing on the solutions that will support long term product cycle.”
Solid State Drives (SSD) continues to dominate in the memory storage market and soon will completely replace the hard drives. “With our present product lines, these will separate us from other SSD suppliers worldwide. We are not only supplying standard SSD, we are also providing solutions having more advantages and exceptional features in terms of functionalities and specifications”, shared Mr. Limuel Yap, Vice-President of RunCore International Co. Inc, and now the Vice-President of V&G on Overseas Business Operation.
V&G product lines include the standard SSD and the storage cards such as VPX, XMC, PCIe, PCIe Card, rugged computers and servers to name a few. It also support customization in different interfaces and form factors.  V&G will release a new product in SIP (System In Package) and soon will announce their new solution for its next generation products.
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(Below is the complete Part Number guide of V&G and RunCore, please click here).