V&Gtaking part during Interpolitex Show in Moscow 2015

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Moscow, 24th October 2015 – V&G has successfully attending the 19th International Homeland Security Exhibition “Interpolitex2015 , which was held on 20 – 23 october 2015 in Moscow located in Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH.
V&G introduced it’s new brand V&G Information System in the trade show that displays new product lines like 3U VPX, XMC, PCIe RAID Card, PCIeMaxIO and some new SSD product like Disk-On-Key which got more inquiries from the visiting audience and rSSD. The patented “Physical Destruction SSD” of V&G got the most inquiries from the rest of the products displayed.
V&G together with it’s Russian partner Komtek provide all of the support for all visitors, mostly are locals coming from government and military market.

The Exhibition is organized by the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Federal Security Service and Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

V&G is a new brand established by RunCore in 2013.