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V&G E201 PCIe RAID Card

V&G E201 PCIe RAID Card
  • Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, JBOD RAID Redundancy Configuration for Array Availability
  • Support S.M.A.R.T
  • Support RAID Array Boot-Up
  • Humanistic Browser-based Management Interface
  • Simplicity BIOS configuration tools
  • Support DPP
  • Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)- Scriptable tools
  • Support I2O connector in each PCIe
  • Support BIOS Boot-up

Product Number:VGB-ELP2-XX-XC

E201 series PCIe Gen2 SAS/SATA RAID card is storage solution for high industrial grade produced by V&G. Their main controllers supply competitive combination for SAS/SATA connection solution. Each connection support SAS/SATA 6Gbps, by using PCI Express 2.0 of X1、X2、X4、X8 to connect to HBA, work site and servers. The main controller is combined of eight high-performance SAS/SATA storage drive and one assembled 8 lane PCI Express core. Each 8 storage drive support SAS or SATA 1.5Gbps、3.0Gbps、6.0Gbps rate. PCIe Gen2 RAID card supply the connection of 1、2 or 8 Lane for PCI Express 2.0, and support the advanced RAID function. And support standard OS, such as Windows\Mac\Linux\ Unix\Solaris\ Vxworks etc.

Dimension 160mm×100mm×30.48mm Sequential Read Max 3.2 GB/s
Capacity Maximum 8 Lane SAS/SATA Sequential Write Max 3.0 GB/s
Flash MLC/SLC-NAND Flash Random Read @4K 100000 IOPS
Operating Temperature 0℃~+70℃ Random Write @4K 80000 IOPS
Input Voltage 3.3V and 12V (+/-5%)    
Power Consumption <12W(Active),<5W (Standby)    
Weight <150g